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Leadership 9

by Naomi


For Leadership
Written by Rowan and Naomi in Grade 9
This is Harriet Tubman. 
She was a brave and bold woman. 

Harriet was born into slavery with 8 siblings, and she became a servant rented out by her owner when she was 5. When she was around 30 years old, she escaped slavery a secret organization called the Underground Railroad. She came to Ontario, Canada. Later on she returned to where she came from as the railroad conductor, to free some of her siblings and other slaves in need of help.
June 11, 1883
This is Charlotte Hawkins Brown.
She was a very kind woman. 

Young Charlotte was a very good student. Once she graduated, she started a school that was focused on becoming a safe space for African American students. She raised all the money for buildings and supplies herself. Lots of students came to the school to learn, and lots of them eventually became teachers. Her school was called the Palmer Institute.