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IHSLA Voices: Poetry

by Creative Writing


Table of Contents

By Christian Martinez............ . 4

I Hate Myself
by Selvir 6

Ode to my Mom
By Veronica Pirique ............... 8

My Sweet Sunrise
by Alicia 10

by Veronica Pirique 14

by Miryam 15

The rain
by Iliana 15

by Iliana 16

My son
By Hassan Gurashi 17

By Christian Martinez

Amazingly loved by everybody he met. 
Beautiful smile, beautiful personality, 
Everything about him was beautiful. 
He was loved everywhere he went,
 He had a special kind of power. 
He could make even the most 
cold hearted person smile.

Chubby like a marshmallow,
 huggable like a teddy bear.
 His curiosity like a cat’s
would always get the best of him. 
He was a scaredy cat but also the bravest. 

He wasn't someone who had his face 
stuck on a phone screen. 
He loved everything about life. 
Loved experiencing new things 
and would never back down
when facing a challenge. 

Saw him crying
because he missed our dad. 
Honestly, it broke my heart.
 I was often mean to him, 
but he would always answer with a smile. 
He made our family have a different view in life.

Cuddled us with love. 
And if love and happiness was a person,
 he would be the pure image of it. 
Camilo brought lights into our lives. 
And just like light,
he came and left at the speed of light. 

I Hate Myself
by Selvir Rodriguez

I hate myself, with a passion so deep,
For the lies I spoke,
and the promises I couldn't keep,
I claimed your lips were mine,
when they were no longer true,
And now I am left with nothing,
but the pain of losing you.

I was a fool to think
that I could hold on to you forever,
to believe that our love was strong
and would never wither,
But time proved me wrong,
and your heart slipped away,
leaving me with regret, and the burden
of what I couldn't say.

Now, I am haunted by memories
of your touch and your embrace
And the thought of someone else taking
my once sacred place.