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Ruby Bridges

by Tiao Tiao


Ruby Bridges -
Anti Racist Chamption
By Tiao Tiao Yang
"WAAAAAAA!" Ruby Bridges' first cry in Africa. She was born on September 8 1954 into a country of segregation. White and black people couldn't meet. White people were treated well and black people did all the work for them. Do you know how important Ruby's birth was?

Ruby's first talk was saying I WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!
When Ruby was 2 years old her family moved to America 
She was sad to move because she LOVES Africa. When she was in America, she saw that most people were different and weird. She was used to people looking like her. Her beautiful curly hair and black skin.

At that time in America, black children went to one school and white children to another. Ruby didn't know how much her life would change as she was the first black child to join a white school.
When Ruby joined grade 1 in her new school people that are white treated her badly because her skin color was black. People protested and said I WANT HER TO DIE!!!!! Ruby almost got killed.

Her parents were worried about her and Ruby was little and didn't understand why people didn't want her there.

FUN FACT that is called segregation!

However, there was a teacher, Barbara Henry, that really helped her and said "YOU CAN DO IT!"

Barbara thought Ruby was really smart and said "you deserve to live and be happy."

Because of Ruby's teacher Ruby got stronger and braver. she said "I AM NOT GIVING UP I DON"T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Even when people protested against her she did not care.
She studied and studied because she wanted people to think she was smart and so she passed all her classes and got strat A's. The Principal thought she was brilliant and the news spread and people started to think black people matter!

So the decision-makers decided to stop SEGREGATION in schools!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They believed in black lives matter they saw black people doing all the work and started to help.

Now, no matter if you are black or white it should always be the same!!!! You should be treated fairly. Ruby changed the lives of many people.
FUN FACT some schools celebrate RUBY BRIDES DAY!!!!!