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Çamardı by Small/Smart pupils



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Town: Çamardı

Written by: Pupils from Torrefarrera-Rosselló
(by the class of 2nd B in Institut Joan Solà, students from Torrefarrera & Rosselló)
A) Short description and comparison with our town.
(Landscape - Buildings, Streets and Waste management - Communications - Basic services - Economy - Leisure and natural areas)

Çamardı is a quiet town and district of Niğde Province in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey, at the foot of Aladağ in the Taurus Mountains and reached by winding mountain roads. It is a small town, there are 3,396 inhabitants, there are mountains, there are very beautiful landscapes, everything is very rustic, there is a lot of countryside, there are many campsites, unlike in Torrefarrera and Rosselló.
LANDSCAPE ( Iulia, Alicia, Natalia, Omar, Jesus):
BASIC SERVICES (Andreu, Ivet, Aitana)
In Çamardi, there are 3 schools, whereas in Rosselló there is only one.
In Çamardi, there is also a Hospital, it is quite large, it is called Çamardi Hospital Emergency Service .
This is the hospital
This is a photo of a Secondary school, it is very large.
COMMUNICATIONS:(Carla, Mar, Mar, Lluc, Amalia)
A very different thing about this place are the roads, the roads are with sand and here they are made of cement, and that's one thing that would improve.

Çamardi is in the mountains and Torrefarrera is in the plain. Apart from this, Çamardi is more touristy than Torrefarrera. It’s about 166Km from the maritime city, and about 55 minutes to the international airport by car.
In Torrefarrera we have got more roads than Çamardi, because we have got the national road and highway. We have got an airport 10 kilometers away. But they have got a road that is called Çamardi road. The road comes from Çukurbag and goes to Celallar. It has got 99,9 km.
ECONOMY (Quique, Pablo, Lukas)
Çamardi also has things related to the economy like the Mümtaz Çankaya Ski Resort, which is very big. Another thing related to the economy is the Toroslar Akpinar trout plant and picnic area. Çamardi park is very big and beautiful.
Çamardı is one of the gross producers of apple. You can find many kinds of apples in Çamardı. Also, in the last couple of years, cherry becomes one of the few mainstays of Çamardı.
It has got a National park next to the town and the views from there are beautiful. It is called Aladaglar