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Capture the Flag Summer Work

by Spenser Rhodd


Summer Work: Capture the Flag
Written by Kate Messner
Spenser Rhodd
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About the book!
About the Book: Capture the Flag is about a mystery of the Original United States flag gone missing! The flag was located in the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. There was an event at the Smithsonian the night before it was discovered that the flag was missing. Anna, Henry, and Jose attended the event and coincidentally were all at the airport the next day when it was discovered that the flag was missing. Anna’s father is a senator and Anna has an interest in reporting like her mother. While they are at the airport, she interviews Mr. Snickerbottom about the flag’s whereabouts. 
Chapter Summaries...
Chapter 1: A group of important people came to the Smithsonian for a tour to see the Star Spangled Banner. It was supposed to be 4 people, but ended up being 5.

Chapter 2: We meet Anna, Jose, and Henry (our main characters). We learn that Anna's dad is a senator and her mom is a reporter. She wants to interview Senator Snickerbottom and he's ignoring her.

Chapter 3: Anna meets Henry while they are both trying to use the same outlet. Henry wants to charge his game he is playing. Anna notices his Vermont hat and realizes that he was at the Smithsonian the night before and wants to interview him. Anna learns that Jose's mother is the one who restored the flag.

Chapter 4: The main idea of this chapter is they find out the flag has been stolen. They are all stuck in the airport because theres a massive snowstorm. Jose's mother was on the news talking about the flag because she had worked on restoring it. They are thinking she is a suspect. Anna noticed that she had earrings on that meant she was a part of the Silver Jaguar Society.

Chapter 5: Anna, Jose, and Henry went out for food and found Pickersgill Diner in the airport. This was the beginning of their friendship. They see Snickerbottom in the diner.
Chapter 6: In this chapter, Anna interviews Mr. Snickerbottom for his SSC fans, he said that when he becomes the president he will take more care of United States Flag. Mr. Snickerbottom looked a little suspicious because when Anna interview him he asked her 
“So do you think it is gone? Like out of town” And Mr. Snickerbottom said “What gave you that Idea” I think at this point of the book that Mr. Snickerbottom knows the location of where the flag is.

Chapter 7: In this chapter, Anna was trying to make a list of suspects and motives. Jose and Henry were not interested in helping her. She was looking around the airport for people who looked suspicious. They then watch Jose’s father become upset on the phone and he tells them Jose’s mother was taken into custody as a possible suspect. (Which kind of makes sense because she spent so much time working on the flag. 

Chapter 8: Jose was defensive about his mom being taken into custody because he doesn’t think that she did it. He said that she loved that flag more than him. Jose and Henry got into it because Henry was implying Jose’s mom did it and we learned that Henry’s mom passed away 3 years ago. They all go looking for suspects, one in particular, a man with a snake tattoo in Pickersgill Diner, they started calling him "Snake-Arm. They learn that he “went home” (but there was a bad snowstorm and he couldn’t have). They see him following Snickerbottom through the airport.