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Local and National Special Education Organizations

by Kelsey VanDyke

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Michigan Education Association
Facebook: Michigan Education Association
Twitter: MEA Online

The membership dues for this organization range from $110-$655, depending on your yearly income.

This membership includes:
-Certification Guidance
-Conferences and Trainings
-National Board Certification Guidance
-Special Education Training
-Services from UniServ Directors
-Legal Services
-Certification Guidance
-Discounts on Everyday Items
-Auto and Homeowners Insurance
-Free and Discounted Life Insurance
-Belonging to MEA, Being a Champion for Education
-Advocacy and Communications
-Electing Friends of Public Education
-Local Associations and Leadership
2022 MEA Conference Schedule
Winter Conference: March 1-3, 2022 (Virtual)
Aspiring & Early Career Educator Conference: Saturday, March 19

Education Support Professionals Statewide Conference: Friday, March 18 – Saturday, March 19

Summer Conference: Tuesday, July 26 – Thursday, July 28
Special Education Teachers on Twitter

@EmilyBHardeman: She is a Special Education Teacher and Dyslexia Therapist. She also helps share stories about how Dyslexia has impacted her family to help others.

@probably_margot: She is a Juris Doctor and a former Special Education Teacher. She works to advocate for individuals with disabilities.

@jmlukins: She is a Assistant Teaching Professor of Elementary and Special education. She works to focus on individual strengths and inclusion for all individuals.

@MrsFurlowsClass: She is a Special Education Teacher who works to spread ideas for individuals working with disabilities.

@MsTrishGrace: She is a KISD Secondary Behavior Program Spec. She works to teach desirable behaviors, rather than correcting bad ones.

@ProfessorJBA: He is teacher, leader, advocate for children, author and blogger. He uses his voice to spread awareness and provide lessons for other teachers.

@CottingSchool: Leaders in Special Education, enabling students with special needs to reach their highest learning potential and level of independence.

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