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Why is York so super?

by Marie Harrison


What makes York so super?
York Minster
York Minster is a cathedral in the middle of the city.

The first building on the site was built by the Romans nearly two thousand years ago. A wooden church was then built in the same place until it burned down. Eventually, the city's Bishop decided to build a stone church around 800 years ago.

It took 250 years to build the Minster and a team of stonemasons still work on looking after the building today.
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Did you know....?
York Minster has the biggest medieval stained glass window in the world.
You can go to services in York Minster just like any other church. They have a choir and its bells ring every 15 minutes in the city.
Bar Walls
York has been surrounded by walls since the Romans arrived. Over time, they have been built higher and stronger to stop enemies entering the city.

There were 4 gateways, called bars, within the walls which allowed people to enter or leave the city.

In front of the walls, there was a deep ditch which made the walls even harder to climb. There were also arrow slit openings in the walls for archers to fire through.
Clifford's Tower
A French Duke called William the Conqueror arrived in York around 1000 years ago. He had beaten the English King named Harold in battle and was now King of England. He decided to build two castles in York to protect it from enemies. Clifford's Tower is the only remaining part of the castle that was built next to the river.
Clifford's Tower is now a tourist attraction and has been updated to allow tourists to stand on the roof and look out over the city.