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Rarest animals (English version)

by Andria Kakulia


Rarest Animals in the world
Kitsune SCP - 953
The most rare creature. Eight tail creature. It was discovered on December 28, 2020. People suggest that this fox was not born healthy and That's why there was Lots of Species born from it. Some thought it was nonsense but in vain they were mistaken. She is a very dangerous creature, She does not like when people treat Her the way She does not want to and because of this there have been several incidents and even a few people have died because of it. In short, Kitsune is a very dangerous and aggressive animal.
SCP - 3950
It is called Axolotl, the rarest fish found in ancient caves. Discovered in March 24, 2021. His skin is very weak, without water he can not stand even for a minute and swims in danger with all his might, in short he is very weak. Very friendly, kind. Only grows in Aquariums and cave water. She loves her little house In Aquarium. Unfortunately some of them does not have a friend of their species because as we can see they are a very rare species of fish And that means we can't find another Axolotl to be his/her Friend/Love.
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