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Kimi The Boston Massacre

by Ms. Grewal


the boston massacre
First, in March 1770, a few American boys started to be mean to a British soldier.

More Americans came. Soon there was a crowd of 50 people saying unkind words to the soldier.

Then, one boy touched the soldier. The soldier hit him with the back of his gun.

The crowd grew angrier. They began to throw rocks and ice at the soldier.

The soldier called for help.
Then, more British soldiers came. Their leader was Captain Preston.

He told them NOT to shoot any Americans.

The crowd threw snowballs at these soldiers, too.

Then one American threw a very big stick at a soldier's face. It knocked the soldier to the ground.
Last, the British soldier got up and fired his gun into the crowd.

A fight broke out. The Americans tried to hit the soldiers.

Three or four soldiers shot the Americans. They shot 11 men. The first man killed was named Crispus Attucks.

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