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How to survive 6th grade

by Tasneem Alhabil


How to survive 6th grade--!🍭
When I first started middle school, I thought it would be those schools who have popular kids and bullies with their minions, but no, it isn't like that at all. I watch too many shows AHH--!
I think when you come here you'll be as excited as me! Strong Middle School is a very fun and educational place!
Every morning, you have a question which you have to think of. You have to say them in complete sentences. When you walk in, you have bell work, which you go over. On a Friday, you do the bell work all by yourself. Mrs Meyer hates whenever you don't say the sentence in complete sentence. For example, a question is "For Mr Yahia's, Research question, what country are you doing?" You can't just say, "Yemen. You'll have to put in complete sentences. However, I think it's an amazing fun class! For math, you have daily math practice, which has 5 questions. Five students get picked, and get a ticket, even if you get it wrong. Then around a Friday or Monday we do a raffle to win something! In social studies, you either read or do daily geography. We usually do tests for countries on Europe, Africa, Asia, and the others. So prepare to study! In science we do a journal question but you'll get answers after--! We also have specials, like computer, gym, Spanish, and STEAM. Thats basically what we do in those.
Just respect students and staff, never get in fights, and listen to teachers/staff. You'll survive if you follow those words!!