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An Ocean Full of Problems

by Pamela Mason


An ocean full of problems for ELASMO
Good morning, Elasmo!
I heard you have some problems going on...
Do you want to talk through them with me?
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Gosh, I guess I do have a lot of things going on...
Maybe I should tell Dr. Sue Octopus.
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Where should I start?
Why don't you tell me a little something about your home?
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Why is my home so bare?

Why is the coral white and not alive?

Where have all the things I saw as a pup gone?
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Healthy coral reef
Bleached coral reef
When coral dies it becomes white. This is called "coral bleaching".

Scientists are working hard to restore coral by growing new, healthy coral and putting it into the sea in the place of the dead, bleached coral.

There are many videos online about coral re-growing in Florida and Australia where coral reefs have been affected by disease or climate change.
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Get a grown-up to help you look on Youtube for "growing coral" videos.
Another problem is that my home is so dirty!

There's plastic in my food and sometimes I get tangled.

Where is this all coming from? When will it stop?
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That's called "pollution".

It's coming from humans on land.

Now that people know it's a problem, they're trying to change their behavior and clean the oceans.
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