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by Eva John


The importance of cats
By Eva John
Cats are fascinating animals. Did you know that a cat was the mayor of an Alaskan town for 20 years? You can learn lots of things about cats. Cats are a lot of work but they are fun to play with. They are hard to calm down.  If you take care of your cat properly, 
you should have many years of enjoyment with your cat.  

cats survival
 Cats are fascinating animals. They live indoors and outdoors. They can survive for 2 weeks in the wild without food. Cats can survive in the wild for a long time. Did you know a cat in the wild can survive for 2 to 16 years with food? If a cat is not with its Mother and it doesn't get milk then it might die if the kittens Left alone in the wild. A kitten cannot survive without its mother because it needs its milk and if it is left alone for too long it might die. When the kitten is old enough it will leave the mother and start its own life on its own. A cat has a certain place where they find some of the resources to live in the wild. A wild cat will not leave to find new food resources they will leave if they need food and can't find any. There are a lot of ways for a cat to survive in the wild world. They can live long lives in the wild or indoors if you take good care of them. 
Taking  care of cats 

Taking care of cats is a big part of what you need to do to keep them healthy and happy. If you want your cat to be healthy you need to take care of your feline friend. When a cat is not well taken care of it will not be healthy or happy. when a cat is mad at anyone it will wag its tail when you go near it will hiss which is a warning that it is mad. If you don't take care of your cat it can die if it is not properly taken care of there is a better chance of it dying earlier than most cats if it is not taken care. Some cats are not taken care of at all some owners get tired of taking care of their cats so they throw them on the streets. When a cat is living in the wild it will find food because it will die without food. A cat needs food and water to live. Cats may be annoying to take care of but remember to feed your cat because I bet if you were a cat you would like to be fed.
 Feeding  cats 

Feeding cats is a big responsibility because if you don't your cat will die quicker. When a cat is not fed there is a better chance that it will die in a few weeks. A cat can die in 1-2 weeks without food or maybe longer. When a cat is not fed it will try to find food so it can survive. Cats should eat 2 times a day so that it stays healthy and happy. A cat needs to have cat food but if you are giving it a treat don't give it to many. You can give your cat a treat from time to time but only give it cat food. Cats have many kinds of food just make sure to feed them  

playing with cats
Playing with cats is fun but you have to have the right toys. When you have a cat a toy, not A dog toy or another animal toy The cat will only play with a few toys the cat toys cats like cat scratchers and Mouse toys and toys that have something for the cat to scratch or yet from a container or box Going to put a tree in it as a game A cat looks like a different kind of toy so you can get some feathers or something attached to something because it looks like a cat toy and they want to play with it. There are also toys that have feathers on them that move so that the cat can play with them and there are also toys that there's a moving mouse inside of it and the cat tries to catch it so those are some of the toys that you can get your cats Next time when your cat is bored by them a new toy or something like a new toy or get them a used toy.
So when the cat is bored it can play with the toy instead of bothering you while you're at home so you can do your work you don't have to buy them a toy you can make one playing with cats might not sound that interesting but you should get your cat toy that moves so you don't have to play with it all the time.