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SLRHS Special Education Department

by Carrie Mathias


Silver Lake Special Education Department
Michelle Boudreau
Special Education Coordinator 7-12
I have been working at Silver Lake for over ten years both in and out of the classroom. My passion is to help all students succeed. Prior to teaching at Silver Lake, I earned my Master's Degree from Simmons College. While attending graduate school, I worked with students with emotional and behavioral challenges in a Special Education school. After completing my degree, I worked in two other districts before coming to SL. 

My goal is for students with disabilities to be included with their peers to the maximum extent possible. When there are high expectations and students are provided with the right level of
support, I truly feel all students can be successful. 
Three things about me are that I am a mom to three beautiful girls, my favorite place is the beach, and I am a one year breast cancer survivor... Life is full of challenges for all. How you handle the challenges is what builds character. 
Thomas Alexander
I love Special Education because I have always been drawn to careers and opportunities that help others.  Every year I teach gives me a chance to work with new students and to face new challenges.  As a student, I faced many challenges and had struggles that I had to meet.  By being a Special Education teacher I can help students that face their own challenges in school.  I am excited to take on this next school year and see what we all learn.
Outside of school I take part in activities and hobbies.  I love to cook and usually put my own twist to recipes.  I have a knack for fixing things and love to take things apart.  From my car to the vacuum cleaner, I love just keeping my hands busy with projects.  The last sport I was involved with for many years was Judo, which is a competitive and fun sport.  What takes a lot of time after school would be the amount of time I invest in with my daughters.  I love every moment with them and want them to have fun and be loved.
Karen Aveni

*Special Education Teacher
*Graduated from Northeastern University 
*Teaching for 20 years
*Mother of eight
*Enjoy teaching and working with kids
*Hobbies: art, sewing and cooking
*Favorite Movie: The Sound of Music
*Favorite Book: Tuesdays with Morrie
*Love all my colleagues and coworkers
Katelyn Botelho
I've been working in Special Education for six years, and I've been at Silver Lake for three years. I love being a special education teacher because I love helping personalize the education experience for every student. Every student has unique skills, goals and abilities and I am passionate about unlocking the learner in every person. 

When I'm not teaching I love spending time with my husband and daughter, going to the beach, reading and enjoying a cup of coffee. 
Matt Cleary
I enjoy being a special education teacher because I like to learn.  As a teacher I get to learn about our students as well as the best ways to help them.  I like to work with the different subjects and topics covered.  I also enjoy challenges.  I  want to help students face their own challenges and be able to succeed.  When not teaching I enjoy spending time with my family, sports, travelling, reading, and being outside.