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Nicolas’s Journal

by Finn


July 7.
Hello. My name is Nicolas. I have aquired and am starting this journal as today my father was invited onboard a voyage with an explorer to attempt to find a shorter trade route to India, and the explorer has acquired funding from Spanish crown. But we must leave soon as there are other explorers with the same goal. I will keep this journal as a record of my travels.
It’s August 3rd 1492, I just departed on the Santa Maria, the same boat that explorer is on, his name Is Christophorus Columbus, there is two other boats with us, the nina and the pinta and we are making good pace.
Sep 6.
We have been travelling for a little over a month, Columbus continues to say we will find india soon. I’m starting to think he might be a bit off though.
Oct. 1.
Columbus continues to claim that we will see land soon, but I am becoming less and less confident in his statements. He seems to be growing more and more agitated.
Oct 11: We saw large flocks of birds and we are now changing our course.

I have entertained myself over the
course of the journey with a game I have invented and played with some of the other children on the ship where we throw a piece of cork into a barrel from a distance.
Oct 12: Today we have found land, I dont think it is India but Columbus says it must be calling the locals “Indians”. This only furthers my suspicions that he is a bit mad.
We have claimed the island on which we landed as San Salvador in the name of the Crown, Columbus has now gone off in search of gold, as the natives have told him of an island rich in gold. I have doubts as to whether to not he will find it.