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The MCHS' Production of The Wizard of Oz
The Wizard of Oz Cast and Credits:
Students from MCMS and MCHS who performed in The Wizard of Oz
Written by Ryan Bair and Juiliona Ritter
The MCHS Drama Club performed The Wizard of Oz on February 23-25, 2024. The performance took place at Mifflin County High School in Lewistown, P.A. The play’s turnout was excellent--every night of the production had a packed auditorium.
The costume designer and hair makeup team did a great job. The audience loved the show and, once it was over, everyone clapped.
After this year's play, some of the Drama Club students got the opportunity to travel to New York City on April 24, 2024 to see the musical Wicked on Broadway. Those who went on the trip were really excited to see the professional performance.
The MCHS Drama Club performed a showcase for The Wizard of Oz at the Ice Festival in Lewistown on November 30, 2023 and was also featured in Lewistown’s Christmas parade. Those who participated in the play did a great job and we hope to see everyone featured in next year's production.
  • Director - Chris Ruble
  • Advisors- Erin Campbell and Sonya Riden
  • Producer- Allison Echard
  • Playbill Director- Gina Moore
  • Technical Directors- Matt Moore, Tyson Eckley, Ethan Kauffman, and Paul “Butch” Richard
  • Set Design- Kevin Reigle
  • Stage Manager- Cassidy Reed
  • Choreographer- Jade Ruble
  • Production Staff - Frankie Zannino
  • Costume Designer- Amy Graham
  • Set Production Team- Aimee Hubley, Jennifer Hartzler, and Sara Sutton
  • Playbill Production Team - Ashlie Crosson and Aaron Specht
  • Hair & Makeup- Amanda Baker and Jennifer McElwain
  • MCMS students in the play- Adriana Altiery, Ryan Bair, Madison Barger, Patton Carper, Cameron Demi, Josi Foltz, Maeci Gipe, Ava Harper, Daisy Kline, Khloe Kneep, Alexa McChesney, Rylee Perterson, Cora Rankin, Juiliona Ritter, Aaliyah Rowe, Eleanor Rowe, Kynnedi Shank, Lily Stilwell, Addi Weaver, Aliyah Wileman, Isabella Woodward, and Aubrie Yoder