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Overlord cite the statue

by Zheng Han

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Zheng Han Bryan

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Overlord cite the statue
Personal Identity: The enduring and continuous unity of the individual is usually demonstrated by the continuity of memory with current consciousness.
My hometown is SuQian in China.
Suqian is located in the northern part of Jiangsu Province in China.
Suqian is the hometown of Xiang Yu, the overlord of the Western Chu Dynasty. It has a civilization history of more than 5000 years and a history of building a city of more than 2700 years. It used to be the capital of Surabaya, Zhong Wuguo and Suguo with a long history. In the first year of Baoying of tang Dynasty (762), suyu County was changed to Suqian County to avoid the name of Emperor Li Yu of Tang Dynasty
Name: Overlord cite the statue
Position: It was located at the intersection of Development Avenue, West Lake Road and Qinghai Lake Road, connecting the administrative office area and central business district of SuQian city.
The statue of Xiang Yu, the overlord of the Western Chu State, holding the tripod is about 6.7 meters high, facing west and back to east. It is magnificent and vividly shows xiang Yu's heroic spirit to pull out mountains. On the base below the statue, the classic deeds of Xiang Yu's life, such as the battle of giant Deer and banquet at Hongmen, reappear the legendary life of the fearless god of war.
Xiang Yu is rumored to be able to lift a thousand jin tripod, then join the uprising, destroy the Qin Dynasty, become the overlord of western Chu. Later, he quarreled with Liu Bang and committed suicide at wujiang river.
Later, in order to commemorate this brave and forbearing hero, the people of his hometown erected a stele and built a statue in Wutong Lane, xiashang, where Xiang Yu was born.
As a person born in Suqian, I feel proud of having such a hero in my hometown. I have a clear understanding of my hometown and a strong sense of belonging, which is very helpful for my personal identity.
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