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Room on the Broom Engineering Lab with Mrs. Mayberry

by Amy Whittington

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Room on the Broom
Engineering Lab
Mrs. Mayberry
What is "experiential" or "inquiry-based learning"?

From a student point-of-view, inquiry-based learning focuses on investigating an open question or problem. Students must use evidence-based reasoning and creative problem-solving to reach a conclusion, which they must defend or present.
From a teacher point-of-view, inquiry-based teaching focuses on moving students beyond general curiosity into the realms of critical thinking and understanding. 

Check out the seven research-backed benefits of inquiry-based learning and instruction at the page below!
Mrs. Mayberry begins by reading the now-classic story, Room on the Broom, to the class. Check out the link below to watch an online version of the book if you don't have a copy at home!
Mrs. Mayberry talks with the students about how they can imagine different ways to fit all of the characters from the book on a "real" broom that they can make themselves.
Mrs. Mayberry shares ideas about how engineers think and gives the class their challenge inspired by
Room on the Broom!
The classmates cut out paper versions of the characters, and, using the materials at their lab stations, get to work!
Ben, Lyle, and Jose work at their table while Mrs. Mayberry talks with Iggy, Emma, and Danny and helps them with their ideas.
Riley and Blane begin building as Mrs. Mayberry checks in with Lenna and Luciana.
Mrs. Mayberry visits with Lyle and Jose during their work.
Andrew, Zara, and Charlie designing their brooms.