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Te Kaihuia Native Bird study

by Ana Pepa

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Te Kaihuia's study of Native Birds in Flatbush and New Zealand.
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The Kererū
By:Liana Sun
Kereru Facts
Kereru are big, chunky pigeons, in fact they are one of the most largest pigeons on earth! They weigh around 650g and their width is about 50 cm. They look green, blue and white but in the sunlight you may see purple feathers. Kereru has a chance of living for 20 years but the usual lifespan is 5 years.
Did you know?:We are also nicknamed kūkupa (Wood Pigeon & NZ Pigeon)
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The main enemies of the kereru are mammals they are feral cats, possums, stoats and ship rats. The most common accidents of losing eggs is when mammals attack. Especially when nesting. Being the remaining New Zealand bird to consume large food, it can eat skinks, geckos, eggs and small birds. They mostly eat insects including weta, beetles, spiders and other insects.
Fun Fact!:Our scientific name is Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae
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Kereru Sketch and Kenning
Chubby Flier
Berry Consumer
Tree Stander
Seed Pooper
Early Riser
Noisy Flapper
Hatchling Mother
Enemy Fighter
Why I Chose The Kereru:
I have never seen a kereru in my life so I wanted to search it up and also do something with those facts. The kereru looks and colours are also interesting.
Why Is The Kereru Important?:

The plump, fat Kereru is important for it’s source of food and having tons of fat and being plentiful and delicious. The Kereru is also important because it is the only bird (Others extinct) that can eat large fruit seeds from native trees and grow new forests or native trees. Thanks to the kereru the plants can sometimes be able to establish to new areas. If you think about it they make up forests through germination therefore helping to plant different types of trees.
by Khang tran
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