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IASE KERALA news letter SEPTEMBER 2021

by Prasanth P


iase news letter
About this publication
September 2021
This news letter is the online publication of Institute of Advanced Study in Education, Thrissur ,(IASE) . It is published on behalf of the principal, Institute of Advanced Study in Education, Thrissur to inform the public about the programmes conducted at Institute of Advanced Study in Education, Thrissur during these period. Its a monthly publication.
Message from the Principal.
Dr. Rajeswary K

I am really happy to send you the newsletter for the month September 2021.
Newsletter of an institution highlights the programs conducted during a particular period. This newsletters covers the programs and activities conducted both online and offline during the month of July. It throws a light on the aspirations of the one and only IASE in Kerala.

We know that the whole world is passing through a painting situation. To tide over the situation we have to adopt new strategies in the field of online learning. As per the staff meeting discussions, we have organized several programs for the benefit of our students and also for the
the academicians in the field of education. By this way we are making an effort to become hub of education where those who interested in gaining information regarding new areas in education can join and become enlightened in that area. Wish you all the best.
                        Teachers’ Day is celebrated in India every year on 5th September to appreciate the role played by teachers in the life of students–the leaders of tomorrow. The day is also celebrated to pay tribute to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, former President of the country and a visionary educator. Teachers provide the power of knowledge and education and create possibilities for better future. Amidst the pandemic, Institute of Advance Study in Education (IASE),Thrissur celebrated this day through the Google meet on 6th September, 2021 at 10 a.m. The whole event was organized by the M.Ed department in collaboration with IQAC of IASE, Thrissur.
                                                      The Program began with a video presentation done M.Ed students. Then the function continued with prayer song by Ranjana Julius, M.Ed student of IASE. Sr.Desmin Davis,M.Ed student of IASE anchored the programme.Welcome speech done by Sanjana Prasannan, Chairperson of Forza college union of IASE. She welcomed Chief guest, All teachers and all students to the celebration. Dr.Rajeswari K. ,Principal of IASE delivered the presidential speech .She expressed the happiness and shared her memorable teaching experience. The program was inaugurated by our Respected chief guest Dr.E.N.Unnikrishnan, former Asst.professor in Sanskrit Education, IASE, Thrissur, and also gave Teachers’ day message. His words was too inspirational and valuable to each student teacher. 

                 After that Guruvandhanam session was started with a video presentation and followed by guruvandhanam speech by Femeena M.M., M.Ed student of IASE. Then all teachers of IASE shared their Teachers’ day message and memorable teaching experience. Funny games like Guess the movie,Guess the Proverbs etc were conducted for teachers .It was presented by Jisa Sajeev ,M.Ed student of IASE. Then Short videos created by M.Ed students were presented. Vote of thanks delivered by Jilana Varghese, M.Ed student of IASE. She expressed her sincere gratitude to chief guest,all teachers and all students who were participated in this programme.
                                  The program ended at 1 pm with National Anthem. The entire programme was applauded by everyone present and will always remain a beautiful memory in the hearts of one and all present.
Programmes @ iase
Advance organizer teacher model.

David Ausubel is the originator of Advance organizer teacher model. This model is based on verbal learning and information processing. David Ausubel has been highly impressed by Bruner’s Academic
Discipline Concept. In this model, we develop knowledge in front of students by organizing them in such a way that they can learn new knowledge with the meaningful method by interacting with the knowledge they already kept in their mind. Meaningful knowledge means that the knowledge learned can be used in other circumstances i.e several problem of his daily life can be solved in a simple and natural manner based on the previous experience.
According to this principle, teacher presents a subject matter related to concepts in an organized form in such a way that subject matter is easily understandable to student.

Main Elements of Advance Organizer Teaching Model:
(1) Focus—Main focuses of this model are—
1. To make aware of the concepts and facts.
2. To establish relations in knowledge.
3. To create interesting and meaningful text.
(2) Syntax—In syntax, firstly actions are normally present for meaningful sense of text, then it is presented in a specific form in order to learn the text. Three main process are included in this type of model.
1. Presentation of advance organizer.
2. To present the learning material/learning task.
3. To strengthen cognitive organizer.
(A) Presentation of Advance Organizer—
(a) The objective of the lesson are specified.
(b) The presentation of the organizer is done. For this:
(i) Definitions of the variables are marked.
(ii) Examples are offered.
(iii) References are presented and are repeated if needed.
(c) Learner is made aware of related knowledge and experience.
(B) Presentation of Learning Material/Learning Task—
(a) Organizer is fully clarified.
(b) Logical order of learning content is interpreted, so that there should not be any doubt.
(c) Taking care by concentration and to maintain concentration.
(d) To present learning material.
(C) To Strengthen Cognitive Organizer
(a) Use of integrative reconciliation principles.
(b) To make students active to gain information.
(c) To clarify text of complex approach and to make it simple and easy.
(3) Social System—As said above that this model believe that abstract ideas can also be presented in an effective way. Teacher have more important role in it. He is more active and have full control over the class. Class remains disciplined and organized. Teacher presents an appropriate environment for effective teaching and motivates students when needed. Whenever needed, he helped. There is
interactions between teacher and students.
Bruce and Weil summarize social system as follows—
“The model has high structure. Teacher defines roles and controls social and intellectual systems.”
(4) Evaluation System—In this model, evaluation is done on the basis of instruction. Both the verbal
and written exams are used for evaluation. Advance organizer model is an effective method for teaching abstract learning contents. This model is helpful in obtaining the high level objective of cognitive phase. This model is being used in the sectors of problem solving and transfer of learning.

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