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The Hunger Games Companion Guide

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Book by: Suzanne Collins
Chapter 1: Plot~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~4

Chapter 2: Characters~~~~~~~~~~~5

Chapter 3: The Districts Job's~~~~~~6

Chapter 4: Theme~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~7

Chapter 5: Theme Chart~~~~~~~~~~~8

Chapter 6: Symbolism~~~~~~~~~~~~~9

Chapter 7: History of Panem~~~~~~~~~11

Chapter 8: Timeline of Panem~~~~~~~~12

Chapter 9: Map of Panem~~~~~~~~~~13

Chapter 10: Fanfiction~~~~~~~~~~~~~14

Chapter 11: About The author~~~~~~19
This companion guide is for the book The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Some of the Chapters in this are; Characters, Theme, Symbolism, History of Panem, and Map of Panem. The Hunger Games is an Awesome Dystopian Novel and inspired other books such as Divergent and The Maze Runner. In The Hunger Games there is a country called Panem. It consists of a Capitol and 12 districts around it. Every year 1 girl and 1 boy from each district are chosen to fight to the death in a large arena. This is called, The Hunger Games, just like the title. Only one person can win. If they do they live with wealth for the rest of their life and their district gets gifts from The Capitol such as food and resources.
In what was once North America, the Capitol of Panem maintains its hold on its 12 districts by forcing them each to select a boy and a girl, called Tributes, to compete in a nationally televised event called the Hunger Games. Every citizen must watch as the youths fight to the death until only one remains. District 12 Tribute Katniss Everdeen has little to rely on, other than her hunting skills and sharp instincts, in an arena where she must weigh survival against love and life against humanity.
Katniss Everdeen: Katniss is the main protagonist of the story. The story is told from her point of view. She volunteered to go into the Hunger Games in Place of her younger sister, Prim. In the Games, she has to pretend to be in love with fellow competitor, Peeta Mellark to get sponsors. She is very good at hunting and her best friend is Gale Hawthorne. She lives in the Seam, a poor part of District 12. Her father was killed in a mining explosion.

Peeta Mellark: Peeta Mellark is in The Hunger Games with Katniss. He is a round character, throughout the book we see different sides of him. He is also from District 12 and is the baker’s son. He lives in the wealthier part of District 12. Peeta has 2 older brothers and is described as having “ashy blond hair and blue eyes”

Gale: Gale Hawthorne is a confidant to Katniss in the book. They go hunting together very often and are very close. Gale also lives in the Seam. He lives with his three younger siblings, Rory, Vick, and Posy as well as his mother. Gale’s father was killed in the same mining explosion that killed Katniss’ father. In book one Gale is 18 years old 

Haymitch: Haymitch Abernathy is the mentor to Katniss and Peeta during the games. He the only surviving victor from district 12. He has an alcohol problem but promises to help Katniss and Peeta in the games. Because of his victory in The Hunger Games he is extremely rich and lives in Victor’s Village.

District 1:

District 2:

District 3:

District 4:

District 5:

District 6:

District 7:

District 8:

District 9:

District 10:

District 11:

District 12:

Luxury Goods

Rock Quarrying

Electronic Manufacturing


Power Generation

Transportation Manufacturing






Coal Mining
Fun Fact:
Suzanne Collins got the idea for books when she was channel surfing, catching glimpses of reality TV and news coverage of the War in Iraq. She said, "These two things began to fuse together in an unsettling sort of way