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A New World---War of resources
-by Summer Hangyu Dong
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One day, the Earth was ruined, Earthian be forced to move to the Mars.
We called those people that come from Mars Marsian, and Marsian are whiter than us.
At the beginning, we are friendly to each other. We share things and deal things together. We are the best friends in the Solar system. So there we united a combination of Earthians and Marsians.
But, some years later, we had a quarrel, because the resource is not enough for us. An old seer that came from outer space told us:“ There’s the unique resource is in the Milky Way’s center, to which the distance from Mars is 0.00002372 light years ! It very important but hard to get it.” Then he disappeared. All scientists commit to Researching and developing faster and mighter spaceship to go to the Milky Way’s center and get the unique resource for themselves. Each side never lets an other side gets this very precious unique resource. So that both sides never stop to develop their own technology.
But, Marstians make more progress in this respect, so Earthians came up with an idea. On account of this idea One has to be mentioned who came up with this idea, Sam·Jackson. Sam is an Earthian, he has a tragic childhood, his classmates bullied him a lot. When the class is end, He's just sitting there and reading books, but he didn’t like playing with his classmate. He want to go to another planet and find other interesting things. Even his teacher laughed at his:“Nonsense,it is impossible.”But, he doesn’t give up , he’s has been trying to develop himself, until now.
Sam’s idea is to put a high-speed vehicle on the space ship, and use it at the last minute to outpace the competitors and get the resource. His idea is unanimously approved by the scientists, and they start to integrate this idea.
When the ship is all manufactured , the Marsians’ distance to Milky Way’s center is only 0.0000002 light years! The Earthians’plan is on the verge of failure , their scientists very quickly board the ship. Just 1 minute they arrive at the destination. They see a big egg “I think this egg is the resource.” says Sam, “No one knows that.” all the other scientists say, and walk to the egg. Then they see some words under that , which are ‘The unique resource’ “Yeah!” “We win!” they cheer up happily. But, just then, the Marsian get behind them and say :“The resousce is ours. You can never get it!”the Earthians say:“You’re dreaming . It's not going to happen!”
“You are dreaming not we are dreaming.” Marsian say.
“OK,you don’t dreaming.But, you need to think about in order of arrival” Earthian say.
“We don’t think about in order of arrival, we just want to get the resource” Marsian say.
“No way!” Earthian say.
“But, we have the way!” Marsian say.
“It is impossible!” Earthian say.
“It not impossible, it is a fact!” Marsian say.
“You are wrong, it’s not a fact!” Earthian say.
“Maybe it not a fact but we are better than you!” Marsian say.
“We are better than you!” Earthian say.
“@$%^*&#” “@#@#$$$%^^”. After swearing each other a long time, they are driven to a shootout. One hour later the old seer that come from space outer appearsagain and tell them: “If the egg is break, the resource will be absorbed by Mars. And it will be a second Earth” Then he disappeared again. Earthians took aim with the gun, ‘PENG!’ the egg is broken. They all go to mars and see the second earth.
“Oh, yeah! We are at the home again !” said Earthian.
“Nice! We have a new home!” say the Marstian. “Now, we can call you ‘the whiter.” “Ha ha ha,’darker’!”
Since then, the earth restore everything.
Fight Space
-by Boyao Mi Bill
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