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Insumo 2

by Josue Auquilla


Unidad Educativa Tecnico Salesiano.
Name: Josue Auquilla.
Corse: 3"B".
Date: 9/12/2021.
Topic: Your product review for a gadget.
The previous year I bought a cell phone on the Amazon website, the cell phone model was the Blu G8 I bought it for $ 120 dollars.
The design consists of two colors, one was blue and the other red. This phone had excellent camera clarity and it was not necessary to enter the password for its face id. While most cell phones run out of battery fast, this could last two full days, it was perfect for everything.
The screen quality is super good, perhaps one of the best I've seen. The frames are super good and give good quality. The volume when listening to music is quite good and it sounds incredible. The shipment of the product was efficient and without any delay.
This cell phone is worth it for its affordable price.
Whereas cellular, although it costs a lot and does not have this quality, this one is simple but it has a good quality. In my opinion I recommend this cell phone for its quality and because it is perfect in several aspects

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