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my teaching philosophy

by kariann hanneman


Teaching Philosophy
Welcome to the Classroom
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One thing that I will have in my classroom is a chart with the schedule for the day. This is something that I always knew that I wanted to have in my room and seeing it in my field placement just made me more sure of it.
I saw this used in my field placement and the students were able to see the day laid out for them and it allowed for easier transitions from activity to activity and also served as a reminder to keep the teacher on task throughout the day.
I want my future classroom to be a welcoming learning environment where all students feel safe and cared for. I will decorate my room in ways that are inclusive of all students (ex. decorating for just seasons rather than holidays)
Classroom Expectations
I will have the rules / expectations of my classroom hung up in the room for all of the students to see at all times. These rules will be made clear to students from the beginning so they understand the expectations of them in the classroom.
I saw this in my field placement and having rules set from the beginning helped the students understand the expectations from the beginning and made it easier for the teacher to just teach.
Student Questions
I will always allow my students to ask questions. These are valuable for learning and allow students to feel safe in the classroom which is one of the things that I want to ensure for my students.
Critical Care
"Every student deserves to have an adult that believes he or she is capable of learning. They need someone who says no matter the time, no matter the way, you will learn. You can learn"
- Teacher Roman Nowack