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Life in Outer Space

by Camila B


Comic Panel 1
Life in Outer Space
By Camilia B
How is life for astronauts in outer space different than on earth?
Comic Panel 1
Technology Astronauts use in outer space
astronauts using technology in space
Technology we use on earth
iphone 14 pro
we use phones everyday. I wonder how it is in space that they use phones or different technology.
Hobbies Astronauts have in outer space
think we all wonder how it would feel like to go on a treadmill in space can you relate. take a minute to think.
Hobbies we have on earth
a person sceching out a drawing
On this page, you must include
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  2. pictures
  3. explanation of what you are showing and how it is used

Food Astronauts eat in outer space
in the video it shows how you can warm up space food and what there apshins are.
this is space food