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Carbon Marvin

by Jason Tovar


Carbon Marvin
Written by Jason Tovar
Carbon Marvin loves science, he said it is the best!
Carbon Marvin studies science until he needs rest.
"Charges all have to add up!" he said with joy,
"Science makes me a very happy boy!"
Carbon Marvin went to the store for some candy,
"Yum! So many choices! I can't decide!"

I'm gonna buy the Gushers,
the juice is like a nucleus,
on the inside.
Carbon Marvin loved talking about science to his friends,
Carbon Marvin even began to set trends!

Everyone listened when Carbon Marvin spoke,
Carbon Marvin always had a funny science joke!
"Why can't you trust an atom?" said Carbon Marvin,
"because they make up everything!"

Carbon Marvin loved learning about the elements,
he studied and studied until it made sense!
"Why did the white bear swim in the water so well?"
"because it was a polar bear!"

Carbon Marvin loved going to school,
Marvin declared "the brain is the most powerful tool!"