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by Mia Matilda Scuka

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Chasing Vermeer
by: Blue Balliett
by Mia scuka
Chapters 1-4
Reading Response Questions
1. Why did three people living alone in Chicago have trouble sleeping on a warm October night?
the three people had trouble sleeping because they received a letter. Because the letter said if they said it to the police then they would be in danger
2. How did Calder relate his pentomino pieces to Ms. Hussey's first assignment?
Calder pulled the L because her assignment was a letter pentomino
Chapters 1-4
Reading Response Questions
3. Why was Petra unhappy at home?
Petra is unhappy because she prefers a quieter household
4. Why did Ms. Hussey take her class on a field trip to the Art Institute of Chicago?
The filed trip was something to look for the letter
Chapters 1-4 - Literary Device
comparing two unlike objects
Petra's household was a tornado where life swirled in noisy circles.
What is being compared? The tornado and the petra's household
a figure of speech in which an author gives human characteristics to nonhuman objects
This year a trumpet vine leaned eagerly against a cool lily, pointy leaves fought to see who could take over the steps, purples and blood reds argued loudly with each other.
What is being personified? The plants were arguing or fighting over the steps
Chapters 5-8
Reading Response Questions
1. What did Petra learn from her vision of the old-fashioned woman who appeared to her in a half-dream?
she learned that she belongs in the writers world and is recognized for who she is and envisioning herself as a writer
2. Why did Calder choose the picture on his cherished wooden box to fulfill Ms. Hussey's art assignment?
because that box was puzzling and he loves puzzles
Chapters 5-8
Reading Response Questions
3. Why were both Calder and Petra interested in Mrs. Sharp?
Answer: Looked out of window and saw Mrs. Sharpe, Ms. Hussey and Mr. Watch.
4. Why was Calder fascinated with the life and work of the artist Jan Vermeer?
Calder was fascinated by Jan Vermeer because the art on his special box is John Vermeers art. And also it was in mrs.sharps house
Chapters 5-8
Writing Activity
Tell about a vivid dream you can recall clearly. Why was this dream meaningful to you? What do you think the people, objects, and actions in the dream represent?
So once I had this nightmare. and so I was outside and I saw some bees. and I ran and stepped on one. so then they tried to sting me and I got away but then there were these yellow fluffed bees. and they stung me in the head. and I woke up then breathing hard so then I ran to my mom’s and dad’s room.
Chapters 5-8 Literary Devices
a chapter will end at a moment of suspense
What is the cliffhanger at the end of Chapter Five? Answer: who was she and why was she here?
a figure of speech in which two unlike objects are compared using the words "like" or "as."
This was a calm, deliberate world, a world where dreams were real and each syllable held the light like a pearl.
What is being compared? Answer smooth bright and just quiet
Chapters 5-8
Study the pentomino code on page 57 and decode the message Tommy wrote to Calder. Write the full message on this page of your book. Compare with a classmate when you are finished.
Calder -
Name of kid
next door is
Frog vanished
last week I
think kidnapped
have to stay
mom afraid New
York stinks
- Tommy
Tommy -
so sorry about
Frog. Maybe you
can solve
mystery and
be hero. Be
- Calder
Chapters 9-12
1. Why did Calder and Petra telephone the National Gallery of Art?
They were worried about the weird things happing so they were scared about
2. Why were Calder and Petra worried about Mrs. Hussey?

So they can get information