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My Cat Album
Name: Coco
Age: 2 months

I had coco as my first cat. He is now 1 year old but I still have his picture as a cute baby cat. I got him from a cat cafe near our house.
Name: Oreo
Age: ???

I named this cat Oreo because of her colors. She is not exactly my pet because she is a street cat. So, I don't know her age. I met her after 3 months I met Coco.
Name: Daisy
Age: ???

I first thought Daisy and Oreo were sisters, but I figured out that they were just friends. They usually go out together. Daisy usually waits for me near the door of my house.
Name: Berry
Age: 1 year old

I got her about 5months after I met Coco. Unlike the other cats, Berry is not very independent and likes to be with other people. She is very cute when she is asking for snacks.
Name: Sugar
Age: 1year and 3months

Sugar is my best friend May's cat. She asked me to add her in this album. I think Sugar is a very independent cat like Daisy. So, she dosen't usually comes very close to me.