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What is a Noun?

by Viviana Bustamante


What is a Noun?
A noun is a Person, a Place, or a Thing!
These are some examples of a person as a noun.
Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Johnny, Alana, Doctor, Teacher, student, grandmother and grandfather are all nouns. Can you think of an important noun in your family?
These are some examples of a place as a noun.
School or Clinton Primary School. The beach or South Padre Island. The grocery store or Wal-Mart. The restaurant or McDonalds. The city or Texarkana and a state like Texas or a country like the United States. All of these are examples of nouns. Can you think of some other nouns that we could add to this page?
A noun is also a thing. Here are some examples of things as a noun.
A cat, dog, horse, mouse, bike, car, Lamborghini, pot, movie, coke, popcorn, glasses, cup, notebook, pen, pencil, pop it, fidget spinner, remote, tv, video game, controller, phone, house, keys, tree, water all of these are examples of nouns. Can you think of a noun that could fit on this page?
Let's look at these sentences and see if you can find the nouns?
Jimmy went to the store after school.

I like to ride my bike to the park.

My mom and dad are sick.

The dog and cat were sad.
Turn the page to see how you did.