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Module Three Task One - Publishing of Children's Books

by Julie Watts

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Molly and Kylie's first time at school
By: Julie Watts
Molly is in the kindergarten class and so is Kylie. In the morning they come into the classroom very excited to learn.
They learned to draw pictures and play nicely together. They learned the alphabet and how to use a pencil.
They learned about diversity and the diffrent cultural backgrounds. They also learned why many books don't talk about diversity.
The teacher asked the class why they think books about diversity are not published very much. Then, Molly and Kylie answered they don't publish many diverse children's books because children's thoughts are limited, and don't understand a lot of things. Also because some adults don't like talking about it.
The teacher said, good answer girls. Okay, now I have another question for the class. Can anyone tell me why we don't see many diversity books being published?
One of Molly and Kylie's friends named Taylor answered the teacher. Taylor said she remembers her and her mom talking about it and her mom mentioned that some authors want to go the opposite way of the "status quo".
After answering she asked the teacher but I don't understand what she meant by "status quo". The teacher then answered saying it means that it is typical and that it is according to society. When the teacher said this Taylor and Molly and Kylie all look at each other and go that the reason why people want to be different is that they don't all want to be exactly alike.