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Petunia's Pink Toes

by Chloe Laufer


In South America, on a bright sunny day, there was a tree, and on that tree was a spider named Petunia. Now she was an ordinary spider, she had black hair, eight legs, and did everything a spider could do!
However, Petunia had one thing none of the other spiders toes. She wasn't bothered by her toes or ever thought about them!
One day Petunia was sitting on her favorite branch on the tree and two spiders came up to her, Billy and Joane. Billy said to Petunia "Why do you have pink toes? They look so funny!" Petunia didn't like her toes being called funny so she sighed and walked away.
"Your toes look so funny!"
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Later that day, another spider came up to her named Myro and he said
"Your toes look very dumb!" Petunia was now even more upset she just wanted someone to like her pink toes.
"Your toes look very dumb!"
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The day turned into a long, cold winter night for Petunia. She decided to head back to her home in the tree so she could go to sleep.