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Alison's Autistic Adventures and the Intervention Ziggurat Model

by Shane Richmond


This is Alison.
Alison has autism.
You can tell Alison has Autism because she finds social interactions with new people difficult, she reacts strongly to sensory inputs like loud noises, flashing lights or icky food. She is also really into dragons.

Like, REALLY into them. 

Did you know that Chinese Dragons don't have any ears?
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But everyone who has autism is different. Some people have a lot of symptoms and some people have a few. Some people have a lot of one thing and not much of the other. 

They are a bit like superheroes. 

has a lot of
powers. He is strong, can fly, can do various things where rays come out of
his eyes, he can even blow really hard, which is not covid safe so he doesn't do it very often.
Wonder Woman is really strong. She can't fly or do the eyes things but she has a magic rope.
Batman doesn't seem to have any actual super powers but he's really fixated on bats…and revenge.