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Eric the purple grape

by Shyne Johnson


Eric the purple grape
Eric was inside playing warzone 2.0. He then got off and said he wanted to play basketball. So he went to his garage got his ball when he was going to get his basketball shoes he forgot that he needs some new ones.
Eric then went to go to the shoe store and got some new basketball shoes they were the green and pink punas. 
When he got his basketball shoes he left the store and went back to his neighborhood basketball court. When he got there nobody was there so he went to another neighborhood.
When he got there nobody was there so he went to another one. But when he got to that neighborhood it was a green grape so he asked if anybody wanted to play basketball in his neighborhood.
NO! You dont belong he this is green grape neighborhood.
Speech Bubble
The green grapes said “NO! You don’t belong here this is green grapes neighborhood.” He asked,“why not?” One of the green grapes said, “because we are already doing a pickup game.” But another green grape mumbled, “because your different.” But with Eric’s good sense of hearing he asked, “how am I different?” The last green grape yells, “JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE NOW GET LOST!!”