Book Creator

DLL Learning Journey

by Chantal Faria


Chantal's Final Product of Learning
At the Beginning of my DLL Journey...
My goal was to learn how to use various technological tools and be able to seamlessly implement them into my classroom. I really wanted to make sure that I was bringing in tools that are relevant to students and are easy to navigate. I also wanted to build capacity not only through technology but also through building relationships with colleagues. I wanted to be able to connect with other educators and see what they have used in their classrooms and how it was implemented.

Now, I think that I have been able to create a toolkit with tech that my students can easily use in class that elevates their assessment products and their own learning. It allows for collaboration, meeting the needs of individual students and allows for fluid assessments.
Everyday Digital Toolkit
Some of the tools that I use in my everyday are Book Creator, Mindmodo, and WeVideo. I have recently used WeVideo in drama where students are creating their own PSA and showcasing them at Arts Night
Book Creator
One Day...
Some tools that I have explored are WeVideo and Book Creator. These have really elevated how tasks and assessments are performed, especially in drama.
Using WeVideo for Performance alternative
Book creator as collection of reflections for drama
Using Mindmodo for brainstorming and group work
Understanding Virtual Library better
Because of that...
there were some challenges that I faced, especially with how to integrate what I learned in my drama classroom. I had to collaborate with other DLL's and use creative thinking
Thought Bubble
I have been able to implement technology in a meaningful way and a useful way to show their identities
Going forward...
I want to assert myself as a DLL for my new school, in my new role as ACL for spec ed. I want to build a toolkit for teachers to be able to implement in their classrooms with ALL learners. I also want to create LUNCH AND LEARNS for teachers, where I am helping them use the technology instead of just explaining it. In actually working with it, I think teachers will be more inclined to work with it.