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Poppy the Pumpkin

by Delaney McQuiston


Poppy the Pumpkin
By: Delaney McQuiston
Hi I’m Poppy, I am a pumpkin and I live in the pumpkin patch. I like to go out on trips throughout the days, sometimes I like to roll around and watch the other pumpkins get picked up by happy families.I like to roll down hills( it sucks going back up them though).
My favorite part of my day is seeing all of the happy pumpkins get picked up by loving families. 
I wish I could be picked up by a family. One time I got really close to being in a family, this little girl picked me up but she put me down because her mom told her to.

Today, this little boy came in and picked me up and said” Mommy, Mommy can I have this one....please?”.”of course if that's the one you want honey. His sister asked for one too but mom said no. His sister's name is penelope.
They picked me up and hauled me to the car, I get to be in a family. I am so excited. We all get home and they pick me up and take me out of the car, I get set on the porch and I hear the mom say “Peter get ready to carve her.” ooh, His name is peter.