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EDUC4375 Civic Identity Presentation

by Katharine Scully


A relative, not a citizen.
Boozhoo nindinawemaaganadok
Boozhoo nindinawemaaganadok (Acknowledge all my relations)
Ninga-Anishnaabe-gaagiigid ajina (I will speak a little Anishnaabemowin)
Katharine Scully niin nindizhinikaaz
Wabizhashi niin doodem (clan)
Anemki Wequedong niin nindoonjii (where you live land and space)
Agaamaking izhinikaade ishkonigan wenjiyaan (what reserve “wasted land” you’re from)(for me not affiliated with a reserve so associated with Europe)
Lakehead University ningikinoo’amaagoo (what school I go to)
Thunder Bay Art Gallery nindanokii (where I work)
Ode’iminike Giiizis o’apii ningii-tbishkaa (month I was born in).
Niizhtana ashi ingodwaaswi endaso-biboonagiz (how many winters)
Nimino-ayaa gaye niminwendam eyaawaan omaa noongom. (I am well and happy to be here today)
Mino giizhigad agwajiing noongom. (it is a good day today)
Niminwendaan niin babaamibatooyaan minawaa anokiyaan (I like too run and work)
Niminwendaan gikinoo’amaagoyan ji-nitaa anishnaabemoyan ( I enjoy being taught Ojibwe)

Mi’ih miigwech bizindawiyeg
Niindinawemaaganadok means that I am acknowledging all livings things, including the Land, the four directions, my ancestors, the 7 generations behind me and the next 7 generations to come.

Western colonial worldview = Land is an inanimate object without rights, a thing that should be degraded, owned, and occupied.

In my introduction I said that I am from Tkaronto, also known as Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Tkaronto is a Kanyen’kehàka word (Mohawk language) for tree standing in shallow water.

This teaching that the animals and elements can survive without me is deeply tied to my sense of humility and the way I navigate my teaching practice.
The Personal is Political
Popularized during 1970s Feminist Rallies
My role as a teacher = show my students that our relationships influence the way we feel, and that the resources and people we interact with, shape who we are. Therefore, we must give back to these resources and people, to ensure all our relations are cared for.

This ideology opposes conservative values of accumulating mass amounts of wealth at the expense of others. 
“As long as women are using class or race power to dominate other women, feminist sisterhood cannot be fully realized.”
― bell hooks, Feminism Is for Everybody: Passionate Politics
My feminism and politics will be intersectional or they will be bullshit.