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by Maya Jane Vincenza Carni


Which Materials insulate the best?
Step 1 ; Gather your insulating materials
you will also need five paper cups, hot water, a thermometer and a stop watch
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step 2 : wrap each cup in a different material
- wrap each cup with a different insulating material. You can secure each material with either sellotape or a rubber band
-create a lid for each cup, with one hole in the lid big enough for a thermometer to sit in. Each hole should be equal in size
Make sure to use the same utensil to secure the fabric on each cup eg. sellotape
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step 4: fill each cup
-Now that each cup is wrapped in an individual insulator, fill each cup with 100mls of hot water.
-make sure to secure lid on cup, to prevent heat from escaping
Step 5: Measure each temperature
- place a thermometer in each cup, to keep a monitor on each temperature
-set a timer for 2 minutes
-record 1) initial temperature
2) the temperature after 1 minute
3) the final temperature after 2
Step 6: determine the best insulator
-after recording each individual temperature, compare and identify which material is the best insulator