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The Bride of the Monster

by Maria Capanna

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The Bride of the Monster
Short story loosely based on Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein
By Liza A. and Maria C.
Hi everyone!
We are Liza and Maria.
We decided to write a short horror story based on Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein, which is about a monster who ruins the life of its creator, Victor Frankenstein, in revenge. What if Victor had created a female companion for his monster-child? What would have happened?
Stay with us reader!
We hope you will enjoy it!
Although I wasn't sure I had made the right choice, I decided to go ahead with my experiment of creating a female companion for my monster.
Within hours, the sky started to get darker and darker foreshadowing a terrible storm. It was the right time. The machine was ready, the corpse was connected to the wires. Immediately, the lightning came and its electricity travelled to the machine.
The monster entered the laboratory, hopeful that he could finally find someone who cared for him.
After a few hours, the body of the woman began to shake and slowly she stood up.
She was really skinny with small thin arms and legs. Her face was pale like a corpse would be, while her hair was long, straight and black with some white strands here and there around her visage, probably caused by the electricity. The most frightening thing about that creature was her piercing dark yellow eyes, bright as candles in the dark of night.
When she saw me for the first time ever, she started to walk towards me, his creator, with slow and heavy steps, uttering an incomprehensible lament, but suddenly, the monster held the body of his so-called “bride” to him in the most delicate way possible, with an happiness in the face never seen before, while she tried to wriggle away, not understanding what was happening. “My dear first future companion” said the monster to the creature: “you and I will make a perfect couple together! We will learn how to love and each other, like real humans do, find about new things, explore the world, … we will be happy forever”. At first, the new monster didn’t like the idea, but the fact that someone could care instead of herself changes her mind.
Few days later, the two lovebirds decided to hide in the hut which had been previously my laboratory, far from humans, were the new creature tried to speak for the first time ever and learned how to live, while I was planning my return to Geneva, to finally see my father and marry Elizabeth, my dear love.There was a calm and quiet atmosphere in those days, until the night before my departure the two monsters came to the apartment were I was staying.
“What do you want from me now?” I said.
“We just wanted to thank you for your gratitude; thanks to you, me and my bride will live a joyful life together!”
"I'm so delighted that you are happy, but before going away, you creatures have to promise me that from now on you will stop following and searching me forever; you will never come near my new and old family ever again; besides, don’t let the human world find out about your existence. If one of you breaks these promises, I would kill you with my own hands”. They accepted and soon disappeared like shadows in the dark night.