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RES Riddle-Kus 20-21

by Emily Wood

Pages 2 and 3 of 42

RES Haikus
Written by 2nd graders

Illustrated by Kindergarteners & Multiage class
Inspired by Lion of the Sky: Haiku for All Seasons by Laura Purdie Salas, a Red Clover Book.

The kind of haikus that 2nd graders wrote are called riddle-kus. They describe a mystery object. Our artistic Kindergarteners add some illustrations to help visualize what the poem might be about. Can you guess the topic of these poems? Answers are provided at the end.
pg 2
It is so spicy
Pepperoni bacon treat
I love it so much

pg 3
Soft, white, write on it
Work and drawing cool pictures
You paint on it too

pg 4
Fast, swift, beautiful
Big and strong.  Babies are cute.
Usually chestnut.

pg 5
Warm, sweet, very hot
Wait for it to cool down, yay!
It cooled.  What a treat!

pg 6
I like their furry
Soft, cute, whiskered faces.
I want a cute one.

pg 7
Kind, loveable, sweet
Maker of yummy cookies
Works too hard for us.

pg 8