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Biography of Jackie Robinson

by Ari G


The Biography of Jack Robinson
By Ari Gryll

Jack Robinson was a Aftercan hero. born in 1919 in Georgia. Earn money for his family. Hi moved to Califofnia.
Early Life

Jack Robins early life was very interesting. joined u.s army in 1942
Joined u.s Army in 1942. In high school sports star. He won’t to college but didn’t finish. Officers did not treat Jack fairly.
Life's Work
Jackie Robinson life’s work made a difrins.
In 1945 Jackie played in the negro American League. He didn’t play in major eague .
Later Years

In Jackie Robinson played bas ball.He was the first black American player major league. He played for 10
years. He was treat unfairly because he is a black American .

He was in hall of fame. First black American to be honored in the hall of fame. He died in 1972.