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Life of Yellowstone

by Presley Jones


Life of Yellowstone
By Presley, Brayden, and Devyn
Table of Contents
1- Title Page
2- Table of Contents
3- Wonders of Yellowstone by Presley Jones
4- Ode the Bear by Brayden Belden
5- Where the Wild Things Roam by Presley Jones
6- The World's First by Devyn Siedle
7- Touristry and Undisturbed by Devyn Siedle
8- Ode to the Wolf by Brayden Belden
9- Old Faithful by Presley Jones
10- Ode to the Animals
11-12 Works Cited
Presley Jones
Wonders of Yellowstone
Wonders of Yellowstone
Wonders of Yellowstone
The darkest of skies
Where the hunter becomes the hunted
Sounds of death and life
Millions of years that now live in minutes
For the weak, the only certainty is death, which is around every corner
It is a beautiful sight to behold
It is Yellowstone
Wonders of Yellowstone
Presley Jones
Presley Jones
Ode to the Bear
Beautiful powerful predator
Elegant as it walks through the woods
Always on the hunt 
Roaming across the land
Where the Wild Things Roam
Through patterns of weather, no matter rain or snow
The beauty of Yellowstone will forever show.
Born of fire and ice the park is a plateau
Through miles of lush land, the wild bison roam.
Presley Jones
The world’s first
National park,
On any continent,
In any country.
On March 1, 1872, Yellowstone
Asserts its’ two million acres,
Spans over Wyoming,
Reaches through Idaho,
Weaves through Montana.
Preserving and protecting:
Canyons, rivers, and forests.
Homing hundreds of species like
Bears, bison, elk, and wolves.
Hosting visitors with open arms,
The most dangerous of all the species,
Because now the law protects
from development
and bulldozers,
and corporations,
and greed.
Devyn Siedle