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Assistive Tech in the Classroom

by Shivani Shah


Assistive Technology in the Classroom
Shivani Shah
Microsoft OneNote
OneNote's Draw toolbar allows users to draw, write, highlight and annotate their notes. Additionally, users can add shapes and images and select pre-existing content on the page. This enables users to express their notes, thus themselves, in a variety of different modes/methods. If one student feels more comfortable typing their understanding of a concept in written word, and another prefers to draw the concepts using diagrams, both are able to make use of OneNote.
Microsoft Word
Dictation Function
Using the dictation function of Microsoft Word, users are able to turn their verbal speech into written, typed word. This speech-to-text tool assists users struggle/need assistance with writing, typing, spelling, sentence structure, or that speak faster than they can type.
Read & Write Google Extension
Talking Dictionary
By using the 'Talking Dictionary' tool, users are able to further their vocabulary, strengthen their writing, and build upon their comprehension of the given text. This function providers users with the definition of their highlighted word while also reading the word aloud and providing a dictionary definition.
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