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Back To School
By : Kayla Mitchell
8 year old Kymirra Rae just started the 2nd grade . The day before her mother did her long black hair into two puff balls . Kymirra was so happy walking to school with her mother .
“ Excited aren’t we?’ Her mom said while laughing at Kymirra who was walking with the biggest smile on her face .
They got to her school ,found her class she was a little nervous because everybody was looking at her but her mom told her it was okay and pushed her lightly inside .
She walked in the classroom and found the seat with her name on it , after she sat down the teacher started telling everyone what were gonna to do today .
 A boy behind her tapped her and said
‘ Can you move your head ? Your hair is in the way “ with a attitude .
Kymirra felt embarrassed because everybody was looking at her but she just moved her head over so he can see . 
Kymirra was upset the rest of the day and didn’t want to be at school no more .
The day was over and her mom came to pick and asked her
“ How was your day sweetie ?” Kymirra looked at her with a sad look on her face and began to walk home .
“ What happened today ?’ her mom asked 
“ I wanna cut my hair it’s too big and in the way ‘ Kymirra replied . 
“ Look baby , I don’t know what happened at school but what I do know is that your hair is beautiful and is the best thing about you besides your pretty face . Don’t let nobody tell you different your hair is beautiful , you understand me ? ‘ Kymiirra’s mom said cheering her up
“ Yes , i understand !’ said Kymirra feeling much better about her hair .