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Jessica Coulson's Visual Arts Portfolio

by Jessica Coulson

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Jessica Coulson
A portrait of the artist as a medium-aged woman
Visual Arts Portfolio
Table of Contents
Session 2: "Anyone Can Draw" pencil sketches and 8 page mini-booklet
The Elements of Art & The Principles of Design
Session 3: The Colour Wheel, Primary and Junior Lesson Applications, Value-Black, White & Grey, Value-Monochromatic Cones
Session 4: Value, Tints & Shades; Tertiary Colours; Primary and Junior Applications
Session 5:Creative Process Assignment Idea: Lesson on Lines
Creative Process Assignment: Learning about Lines with Lions, & Assignment Rubric
Session 6: Self Portrait in the Style of Arthur Shilling & Elementary Applications
Session 7: Watercolour Techniques & Watercolour Techniques Painting
Session 8: 5 Printmaking Lessons
Session 9: Artist's Statement
Favourite Course Readings
Teacher Resources
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Session 2
"Anyone Can Draw" by Graham Shaw
Initial pencil sketches
8 Cartoons in a mini-booklet
The Principles of Design
From: Easy Peasy Art
-Repetition & Rhythm
-Unity & Harmony
Session 3
Basic Colour Mixing
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