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Ebook Clase 2

by Diana Josefa Marin Aguila

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Lesson 1
1.- Mira las fotos y responde las siguientes preguntas
a. Is Chile a country that accepts travelers?
b. What are the most visited places in Chile?
c. In your opinion, where is the most beautiful place to
vacation in Chile?
For more information check this website
UNIDAD 4 Let's travel (
Palafitos' Chiloe
Torres del paine
Radal 7 tazas
San Pedro de Atacama
Valle del Elqui
Lesson 2
Vocabulary: Countries and Nationalities
a. Can you recognize any of these pictures?
b. In which countries are they located?
c. Can you mention another representative of the country?
La siguiente tabla muestra los continentes con ejemplos de paises con sus nacionalidades
Lesson 3
Lee los siguientes blogs y comparte con tu compaƱero/a sobre lo que hicieron los viajeros.
a. When was the writer's favorite vacation?
b. What places did they visit?
c. Where did they stay?
d. Why is their favorite vacation?