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World Water Day

by Нина Константинова

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She saw falling from heaven ... snow. It was the first time it had snowed that winter. She started playing
with snow, chasing it
and dancing.
Then came an idea to her ...
She decided to make a snowman. She started to make it but when she finished it, it melted. She looked at the sky and saw the Sun and rain. Rain was falling from the sky drop by drop.
Then, she saw something...
Maria Aggeliki Petropoulou
... impresive! All the drops from the melted snow had entered a long river which was rolling among big trees! The little girl was excited. Looking more careffully, near the river bank, she saw many animals drinking water. She went closer and then...
...she saw all the drops of the river go very very far!!!The girl followed the drops and the animals went with the end of the river she saw something colorful and was a RAINBOW...she looked at it and decided to climb up to travel with it and show the world all these beautiful colors!!!!!!!
The colors
of the raınbow were lıke a ladder. They step up the colors, the lıttle girl was
rısıng to the sky. The lıttle girl see that the lıttle drop of water was not

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