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EDCT 2030 Book

by Maddie Schlager


Learning Devices
and their usage!
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Technological Apps for Education!
Google Drive!
Google Doc
Google Slide
Google Sheets
Google Forms
Google Draw
Google Drive is an online software operated through google. It can be used to create documents, slideshows, drawings, charts, and forms.
Within the classroom, Google Drive can be used as an interactive sight where students can share and collaborate on different documents. It can also be used to share longer videos that might be too long to submit on other applications.
Some of the features such as Google Doc, Google Slides, and Google Forms can be ways to share content with students. Forms can be a way to assess students learning and needs.
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Tophat is an online software that allows teachers to create courses that allow them to create and ask differentiated questions within the classroom. The app requires a code to allow students within the course as well making sure only students have access to the course.

Tophat is a versatile tool that has different uses depending on the subject involved. It can be used to take attendance within a classroom by having students answer a question. It can also be used as an entry ticket or bell ringer question that students can quickly answer. Lastly, Tophat can be used as a form of assessment to test students' knowledge over different subjects.

Kahoot is an online learning game that allows for teachers to create games based on their content and subject area. It involves multiple-choice questions and true or false ones as well.

Because Kahoot is a game it can be very beneficial in the classroom. It can be used as a break in lectures to allow students to process the information they retained. It can also be used as a way to test their knowledge before, after, or during a unit to see what they need help with or need to be touched up on.

Quizlet is an online tool used for studying and learning within the classroom. Teachers can create different classes and units to help divide up the informational tools for their students.
Flash cards
Matching Games
Live Quizzes

Quizlet can be used to help students study through flashcard and matching features. Where they can test their own knowledge by reviewing the information. The matching game feature can be a fun tool in the classroom where students. can compete and test themselves. Live quizzes and practice assessments can also be a way for teachers to evaluate where students are at and what needs to be discussed before actual quizzes and tests.
Teams, Skype, Zoom!

These apps are all different platforms for virtual meetings. They are used for interaction across different areas and allow for people to meet even when they are not in the same room or area.

These apps are extremely important for virtual classes and environments. Teachers can potentially meet with students online to go over new content if they are unable to attend in person. The share screen feature can help organize information. The recording feature can be used as a way for teachers to record and post lectures if they know they will not be in class. Students can also use this app to meet up with other students outside of class to go over homework or work on projects together.