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Environmental Education - BILJE

by Mirna Prusina


Out Of The Box
Environmental Education
By Tea Liović Holas & Mirna Prusina
Main aims of the policy:

In our school we try to maintain ecological standards as much as possible. From the very beginning we teach children how to take care of their environment and how to protect it. Our school is very close to the Nature park Kopački rit and in accordance with it we strive to live in the „green“ way.
We are constantly trying to provide education for sustainable development- trying to teach students how to wisely use accesible sources of energy, how to save energy, how to recycle and reuse.
Since 2012. our school has been a certified Eco school, holding a green flag. To become and stay Eco school we had to teach our students how to live in a sustainable way and how to protect our environment. Also becoming Eco school meant we have to follow certain steps.
Our eco code:
We are taking our small steps towards a better future.
Our school is surrounded by a waste green area. It is situated in the middle of the park and has a lot of trees and grass around it. Pottential problem that we have because of the green area around our school and because of the vicinity of Kopački rit are mosquitoes. When the weather becomes warmer a lot of mosquitoes appear and it becomes almost impossible to spend time outdoors.
Our plan is to plant some herbs and plants that impel mosquitoes. Around the arbor that we have behind our school we will plant lavander, rosemary and basil and in that way we will try to make it possible for our students to spend as much time outside