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All around me

by Lola Mansilla Monteiro


All around my
My pen pan leter
Dear friend 
How are you ? I hope you are well¡  letme tell you a bout my self. I live in Buenos Aires and tigre.I live in a house an I have two floors. My neighbourhood is called santa barbara. My name is Lola. I licke your uniform. My school is Michael ham. I have two puppies 1 cat and 4 fish. I have brown eyes and my hair color is yellow.And yours? Do you have pets ? What is your name ? At school we learn inglihs and spanish and we pratice rugby and jockey.My faborite actibitie are break becouse I play football and play whit my friends. I am in 4 th . And you ? I love sports . And you?we wear a tunic asuniform. At chool we have sports and my color sports is yellow. And yours ?in my contry  Agentina we drink
Mate , eat milanesa and barecues on sunday. My faborite day is sundey Because I have hockey and I go to others clubs to play and it is veri nice I enjoy and I love animals.
You should visit .
This is me

Name lola
Age 9
class 4thB
Tenis hockey football and golf
My faborite sport is hockey
My perfect day
My perfect day was my birthday when i tumed yeorns old. I invited india, jas,INEM,trinij and georgi to a pijama party . In the morning i was so excited. I prepeored a coke of sivra with my mom and with my brothers. At midday my friends went to my house. And we played a lot of games we painted tihers and it was so funny . At night we had a spa , we saw a movie and we had pillow fight and then we went to slelp.
Name the people who support you ?
jas , trini
India fefe
ine m , INE r