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by Van Der Ghote Simon and Lucio Sartor


Hamlet President’s son
This story takes place in London, in a rich house near the Golden gate, in this house lives: Hamlet, the President’s son! Horatio, Hamlets best friend and the security chief, Claudius, the actual president, a murderer and hamlets uncle, Gertrude the First Lady, Hamlets mom, she was unfaithful to the least president, Hamlets father, Ophelia, Hamlets girlfriend.
Hamlet is depressed and miserable because of his father’s death. At midnight one of his bodyguards see’s a ghost so they tell Horatio, Hamlets best friend and the security chief. They told him that the ghost looked like the the dead president. Hamlet meets Horatio where he tells him, he’s very sad because his Claudius and his mother Gertrude married and they seemed so happy. Hamlet questiones how could they forget his father so soon. Horatio tells Hamlet that he saw his father the last night. Hamlet goes to see his father’s spirit at midnight.

The ghost tells Hamlet that He’s wife Gertrude had been unfaithful to him, and his brother Claudius him by putting poison In his ear while he was sleeping so he would become a millionaire. Hamlet becomes mad and decide to investigate.
Hamlet goes to see Ophelia, (stares at) her and goes away. Ophelia tells Polonius, his father, that Hamlet is mad, So Polonius tells Claudius dad hamlet yes mad because he loves Ophelia, but Claudius is suspecting about what Polonius is saying. Polonius orders Ophelia, his daughter, to spy on hamlet, but Hamlet discovers her and says vary mean things to her. Hamlet Is thinking of committing suicide.
Two university friends come to see Hamlet. They ask a lot of questions but Hamlet doesn’t tell them anything. Hamlet asks a movie director to make a film about his father‘s story, he takes all of his family to watch the film and one Claudius is watching the murderer scene he runs to a chapel and starts to pray, lead could kill him at that exact moment but he doesn’t because he thinks he’s soul would go to heaven.
Hamlet goes to visit his mother to make her realize all of the bad things she has done, but she thought Hamlet wanted to kill her so she began to scream, so the secret listener behind the curtain shouts for help, so Hamlet kills his immediately. It was Polonius but Hamlet didn’t wanted to kill Polonius, he wanted to kill Claudius.