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by Grade 9 Ph 6 Language Acquisition (English) Sekolah Ciputra- Surabaya


A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah

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Our Reflection about the novel

Grade 9 Phase 6
2021/2022 - SC
Rounded Rectangle
By: Fiona
This is from chapter 5 when Ishmael and his group of friends chase down a little boy who is eating corn, their hunger leads them to do mean actions towards other people. This scene is important to me since this shows how Ishmael become vicious caused by his hunger, and this is the beginning of how Ishmael's personality changes.
This is from chapter 13 when Ishmael is sent into the forest to fight, he and the other boy soldier are asked to fight, and Ishmael kills a man for the first time. This scene is important since this is Ishmael first time killing someone, and later on he becomes used to this that he felt nothing when doing it
This is from chapter 15 when Ishmael relies on drugs to boost his energy when he is asked to fight, the drugs cause him to have sleeplessness. He also snorts a mixture of cocaine and gun powder. This scene is important since it shows how child soldier relies on drugs which are very sad.
By: Viviana
Inside my backpack for a week journey in Sierra Leone with Ishmael Beah
7-10 clothings
14 filled water bottles
By: Sanny & SiHyeon
The memoir starts in Mogbwemo when Ishmael is 10 years old with his brother Junior, heading to Mattru Jong across Kabati.
He enjoys listening to rap music through his cassettes with his friends and brother, Junior.
The first rebel attack that Ishmael is experiencing is in Kabati when he is on the way back from Mattru Jong.
All the picture used is hand-drawn
Ishmael is away and separated from his friends when running/ escaping from the rebel's attack. He is feeling lonely and sad, thinking about his family and friends.
He becomes a child soldier (government army against the rebels) when he is 13 years old. He is forced as it is the only way for him to survive in a safe village where he is living.
15 years old Ishmael in 1996 is being sent to a rehabilitation center in Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone by 2 foreigners who are wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt with a UNICEF logo (member of UNICEF).
Ishmael meets Esther in the hospital during his rehabilitation who helps him to face his difficulties. Esther is a very kind and patient nurse who works at Benin Home, a place to help boys and girls affected by a civil war in Sierra Leone.
Leslie, a field worker for Children Associated with the War helps Ishmael to find his uncle, whose name is Tommy. Uncle Tommy takes him in and treats him like a son with his family.